Approved Special Sessions

SS01: Distributed and Intelligent Edge Computing (IEC) for Industrial IoT
Organizers: Mikael Gidlund (Professor, Mid Sweden University, mikael.gidlund@miun.se), Tao Zheng (Associate Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, zhengtao@bjtu.edu.cn), Kyi Thar (Assistant Professor, Mid Sweden University, kyi.thar@miun.se)
Sponsor: IEEE IES TC on Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications
SS02: Zero-Touch Network and Service Management Towards Industry 5.0
Organizers: Haoran Chi (Researcher, Universidade de Aveiro, haoran.chi@ua.pt), Kim-Fung Tsang (Associate Professor, City University of Hong Kong, ee330015@cityu.edu.hk), Haijun Zhang (Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology(Shenzhen), hjzhang@hit.edu.cn), Wing-Kuen Ling (Professor, Guangdong University of Technology, yongquanling@gdut.edu.cn)
Sponsor: IEEE IES TC on Building Automation, Control and Management
SS03: Advanced Monitoring and Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
Organizers: Dong Zhao (Professor, Beihang University, dzhao@buaa.edu.cn), Yueyang Li (Professor, University of Jinan, cse_liyy@ujn.edu.cn), Zi-Peng Wang (Professor, Beijing University of Technology, zipengwang@bjut.edu.cn)
Sponsor: IEEE IES TC on Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems.
SS04: Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Technology
Organizers: Peng Dong (Professor, Beihang University, peng.dong@buaa.edu.cn), Yang Tian (Lecturer, Yanshan University, yang.tian@ysu.edu.cn), Junwei Zhao (N/A, Beihang University, buaazjw@buaa.edu.cn)
SS05: Transportation and Energy System Coupling in Industrial Informatics
Organizers: Xiaolei Ma (Professor, Beihang University, xiaolei@buaa.edu.cn), Kun Gao (Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, gkun@chalmers.se), Xiaohan Liu (N/A, Beihang University, xiaohan1994@buaa.edu.cn)
SS06: Industry 4.0 in Agriculture
Organizers: Lei Shu (Professor, Nanjing Agricultural University/University of Lincoln, lei.shu@njau.edu.cn), Yongliang Qiao (Research Fellow, University of Adelaide, yongliang.qiao@ieee.org), Ye Liu (Postdoc Research Fellow, Macau University of Science and Technology, liuye@must.edu.mo), Kim Fung Tsang (Professor, Nanfang College, ee330015@cityu.edu.hk), Gerhard P. Hancke (Professor, City University of Hong Kong, gp.hancke@cityu.edu.hk)
Sponsor: IEEE IES TC on Cloud and Wireless Systems for Industrial Applications
SS07: Robust and Trustworthy Perception, Planning and Control of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Organizers: Yang Li (Assistant Professor, Hunan University, lyxc56@gmail.com), Yougang Bian (Associate Professor, Hunan University, byg10@foxmail.com), Ye Li (Assistant Professor, Central South University, yelicsu@csu.edu.cn), Dachuan Li (Assistant Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology, dachuanli86@gmail.com) Ming Gao (Research Associate Professor, Hunan University, gaoming@hnu.edu.cn),
SS08: Applications of Advanced Control Technology in Mechatronic Systems
Organizers: Yunfeng Hu (Professor, Jilin University, huyf@jlu.edu.cn), Xun Gong (Assistant Professor, Jilin University, gongxun@jlu.edu.cn), Yao Sun (Associate Professor, Jilin University, syao@jlu.edu.cn)
SS09: Artificial Intelligence in Complex System Diagnosis and Prognosis
Organizers: Yuchen Song (Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology, songyuchen@hit.edu.cn), Antonio Pietrosanto (Professor, University of Salerno, apietrosanto@unisa.it), Marco Carratù (Assistant Professor, University of Salerno, mcarratu@unisa.it)
SS10: AI-Driven Green Industrial Innovations
Organizers: Hao Zhang (Assistant Professor, Wuhan University of Technology, 14016@whut.edu.cn)
SS11: Recent Trends in Cyber Physical Systems and Industrial Automation
Organizers: Pranay Kumar Saha (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology - ISM Island, parnay@iitism.ac.in), Nilotpal Chakraborty (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology Guwahati, nilotpal@iiitg.ac.in)
SS12: Near Zero Emissions Pollution Control
Organizers: Pan Wang (Professor, Jiangsu University, wangpan@ujs.edu.cn), Xin Wang (Associate professor , Beijing Institute of Technology, xin.wang@bit.edu.cn), Yiran Zhang (Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University, zhangyiran@sjtu.edu.cn)
SS13: Digital Twins and Their Industrial Applications
Organizers: Fang Fang (Professor, North China Electric Power University, ffang@ncepu.edu.cn), Yuanye Chen (Lecturer, North China Electric Power University, yuanyechen@ncepu.edu.cn)
SS14: Intelligent Systems in Information and Control Technology
Organizers: Xue Zhang (Associate Researcher, Shanghai Jiaotong University, zhxue@sjtu.edu.cn)
SS15: Modeling, Intelligent Decision Making and Control of Electric Vehicles
Organizers: Xinhua Liu (Associate Professor, Beihang University, liuxinhua19@buaa.edu.cn), Bingtao Ren (Lecturer, Beihang University, renbt1706@buaa.edu.cn), Fan Zhou (Assistant Professor, Beihang University, fanzhou@buaa.edu.cn)
SS16: Key Techniques of the Operating Systems for the Intelligent Connected Vehicles
Organizers: Fan Zhou (Assistant Professor, Beihang University, fanzhou@buaa.edu.cn), Shichun Yang (Professor, Beihang University, yangshichun@buaa.edu.cn), Bingtao Ren (Lecturer, Beihang University, renbt1706@buaa.edu.cn), Xiaoyu Yan (Assistant Researcher, Beihang University, yanxiaoyu@buaa.edu.cn )
SS17: Continual and Transfer Learning Techniques for Intelligent Connected Vehicles
Organizers: Fan Zhou (Assistant Professor, Beihang University, fanzhou@buaa.edu.cn), Xiaoyu Yan (Lecturer, Beihang University, yanxiaoyu@buaa.edu.cn), Bingtao Ren (Lecturer, Beihang University, renbt1706@buaa.edu.cn), Shichun Yang (Professor, Beihang University, yangshichun@buaa.edu.cn)
SS18: Recent Developments in Sliding Mode Control and Its Industrial Applications
Organizers: Shihong DING (Professor, Jiangsu University, dsh@ujs.edu.cn), Shihua LI (Professor, Southeast University, lsh@seu.edu.cn), Jinwu Gao (Professor, Jilin University, gaojw@jlu.edu.cn)
SS19: Research and Application of Non-smooth Control
Organizers: Haibo Du (Professor, Hefei University of Technology, haibo.du@hfut.edu.cn), Junxiao Wang (Associate Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology, wjx2017@zjut.edu.cn), Wenwu Zhu (Assistant Professor, Hefei University of Technology, zww@hfut.edu.cn), Shihua Li (Professor, Southeast University, lsh@seu.edu.cn)
SS20: Vehicles with new configurations: developments in control and observation technologies
Organizers: Hui Jing (researcher, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, jinghui@guet.edu.cn)
SS21: Intelligent Control Technologies in Medical Robotics
Organizers: Dan Zhang (Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology, danzhang@zjut.edu.cn), Xuming Zhang (Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, zxmboshi@hust.edu.cn)
SS22: Unmanned transportation technologies for special vehicles in industrial scenarios
Organizers: Peng Chen (Associate Professor, Beihang University,  cpeng@buaa.edu.cn), Guizhen Yu (Professor, Beihang University, yugz@buaa.edu.cn), Bin Zhou (Lecturer, Beihang University, binzhou@buaa.edu.cn), Zhangyu Wang (Lecturer, Beihang University, zywang@buaa.edu.cn)
SS23: Advanced Control Algorithms and Applications for Intelligent Electrified Vehicles
Organizers: Chao Yang (Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology,  cyang@bit.edu.cn), Yahui Zhang (Associate Professor, Yanshan University, zhangyahui@ysu.edu.cn), Tianqi Qie (N/A, Beijing Institute of Technology, tianqi_qie@bit.edu.cn), Weida Wang (Associate Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology, wangwd0430@bit.edu.cn)
SS24: AI-empowered Decision Support System in Industrial 4.0
Organizers: Hao Wang (Professor, Xidian University,  haow@ieee.org), Haiyang Zhang (Assistant professor, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Haiyang.Zhang@xjtlu.edu.cn), Weihua Liu (N/A, China Mobile Research Institute, liuweihuayjy@chinamobile.com)
SS25: Advanced Decision-Making and Control inAerospace Autonomous Systems
Organizers: Zeyang Yin (Assistant Professor, Central South University,  yinzeyang@csu.edu.cn), Kenan Yong (Associate Professor, Naniing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, yongkenan@nuaa.edu.cn), Zhenhua Pan (Assistant Professor, Beiiing Institute of Technology, zhenhuapan@bit.edu.cn ), Xiaodong Shao (Associate Professor, Beihang University, xdshao_sasee@buaa.edu.cn)
SS26: Model Predictive Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
Organizers: Ning He (Professor, Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology,  hening@xauat.edu.cn), Huiping Li (Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University, lihuiping@nwpu.edu.cn), Hongtao Liang (Associate Professor, Shaanxi Normal University, lht@snnu.edu.cn)
SS27: Safety-oriented Risk Assessment and Advanced Control for intelligent Connected Vehicles
Organizers: Yan Wang (Research Associate, Hong Kong Polytechnical University,  yanjack.wang@polyu.edu.hk), Chengyue Jiang (Professor, Chongqing University of Technology, jiangchengyue@cqut.edu.cn), Liwei Xu (Assistant Professor, Southeast University, liw_xu@seu.edu.cn) Hui Zhang (Assistant Professor, Beijing Jiaotong University, huizhang1@bjtu.edu.cn), Yongjun Yan (Assistant Professor, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, yannis.yyj@gmail.com)
SS28: Extend Abstract(1 page)
Organizers: Hui Zhang (Professor, Beihang University,  huizhang285@gmail.com)
SS29: Carbon Neutral Fuel and Emission, Innovative Cycle, More Intelligent Gas Turbine Engine
Organizers: Chuang Gao (Professor,Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  gaoc@sari.ac.cn)
SS30: Control, Planning, and Fault Diagnosis of Autonomous Systems
Organizers: Shuai Yan (Research Fellow,Beijing Institute of Technology,  shuaiyan@bit.edu.cn) Jue Wang (Research Associate,Ningbo Institute of Intelligent Equipment Technology,  wangjue10@foxmail.com) Yulin Si (Associate Professor,Zhejiang University, ,  yulinsi@zju.edu.cn) Chuanke Zhang (Professor,China University of Geosciences,  ckzhang@cug.edu.cn) Weichao Sun (Professor,Harbin Institute of Technology,  w.sun@hit.edu.cn)
SS31: Human Factors in Decision-Making, Planning and Control Technologies of Intelligent Vehicles
Organizers: Guodong Yin (Professor,Southeast University,  ygd@seu.edu.cn) Jinxiang Wang (Associate Professor,Southeast University,  wangjx@seu.edu.cn) Hongliang Wang (Associate Professor,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,  whl@njust.edu.cn) Yongjun Yan (Assistant Professor,Nanjing University of Science and Technology,  yanyj@njust.edu.cn)
SS32: Intelligent Control and Learning in Humanoid Robotics
Organizers: Wutao Yin (Associate Professor,Northwestern Polytechnical University,  wutao.yin@nwpu.edu.cn)
SS33: Modeling and Control of Fuel Cell Systems
Organizers: Zhou Jiaming (Associate Professor, Weifang University of Science and Technology,  zhoujiaming@wfust.edu.cn) Hu Donghai (Associate Professor, Jiangsu University, hudonghai@ujs.edu.cn) Yi Fengyan (Professor, Shandong Jiaotong University, yify@sdjtu.edu.cn)
SS34: Safe Planning and Control for Autonomous Driving Using Artificial Intelligence Technology
Organizers: Mingyu Cai (Assistant Professor,University of California,  mingyu.cai@ucr.edu) Shu Liu (AI Scientist,Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence (BCAI),  shu.liu2@cn.bosch.com) Jinhao Liang (Research Fellow,National University of Singapore,  jh.liang@nus.edu.sg) Yanbo Lu (Research Fellow,Tsinghua University, luyb@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn) Faan Wang (Assistant Professor,Kunming University of Science and Technology,  wfa@kust.edu.cn) Zhenwu Fang (Research Assistant,National University of Singapore,  zhenwu.fang@u.nus.edu)
SS35: Uncertainty Quantification and Mitigation for Sensing, Planning and Control of Automated Driving
Organizers: Fei Ding (Associate Professor,Hunan University, dingfei@hnu.edu.cn) Yafei Wang (Associate Professor,Shanghai Jiao Tong University,  wyfjlu@sjtu.edu.cn) Junguo Lu (Professor,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, jglu@sjtu.edu.cn) Mingyu Wu (Assistant Researcher,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, wmy_marvin@sjtu.edu.cn)
SS36: Progress in thermal management technologies
Organizers: Ma Ting (Professor,Xi'an Jiaotong University,  mating715@mail.xjtu.edu.cn)

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